At Full Circle Foundation we believe in:

  1. Achieving personal potential
  2. A transition to independence
  3. Early and continuing advocacy
  4. Collaboration/Partnership
  5. A strong sense of community
A Letter from Our President, Sue Banner

A Letter from Our President, Sue Banner

History is powerful as it teaches us many things. It can teach us what not to do again, and what we should do again. At Full Circle Foundation history has shown us how love, strength and determination helped to create a wonderful history that will be remembered for a lifetime.

It has been my honor to have been able to be with Full Circle Foundation since it began in 2009. As we walk down “history lane” we remember the first 1000 Fancy Dress Sale in the hallway of the North Performing Arts Center, and what fun it was. Renting the first store at Beaconsfield and Kercheval and how we couldn’t believe we actually had a store front and our young adults were working there. Looking back again, the community responded, and that space became too small. We then rented a larger store at Lakepointe and Kercheval, which also became too small to operate the programs, and services we knew our young adults needed. Now, at our current location at Harvard and Mack, history is repeating itself. Our programs and services have yet grown again, and we need more space.

Together, we have created an inspirational piece of history. A history for those who needed to be served in our community. Our Board of Directors, devoted staff and volunteers, continue to be committed to providing the programs and services that will cultivate, and foster the abilities of our young adults, so they can continue to create more history that can be shared at family get-togethers, with colleagues, or friends. At Full Circle Foundation, we welcome you to come in, get to know us, and be a part of our continuing history.


Thank You Grosse Pointe Young Adults (GPYA)

We are incredibly honored to have been recognized and celebrated by the Grosse Pointe Young Adults at their annual GPYA Fundraiser this past November. Their event raised over $20,000 for Full Circle Foundation!! Thank you GPYA your support!

Together We Can Make an Impact

The Edible Garden

Learning Gardeners Know All the Dirt

The Upscale Resale Shop

Buy Upscale. Pay Low Scale.

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Keeping It Clean

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Grosse Pointe Shores Concession Stand


Grosse Pointe Shores Concession Stand

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How You Can Help

How You Can Help

Our staff, volunteers and donors share an unwavering commitment to helping young adults with special needs in the Grosse Pointe community. Be inspired through their stories. Learn how your donations, whether monetary or time as a volunteer, can help Full Circle Foundation thrive.

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In Their Own Words

Four Seasons: By Marlow Wolf (Julia Ansell)

Spring: From the depths of the broken earth, everything “springs” to life The smell of fresh lilacs fill the air with its sweet aroma The air may be unstable and ever changing, but the spirits mean well

Blossoming Personalities, by Julia Ansell

Ever wonder what it would be like If different flowers had Different personalities?

In Kara Campbell’s Own Words…

If you’re lucky like me, you’ll find a colony of others in the same situation Life as an autistic person often feels like living on a different planet, with a universal translator still in testing. Most of the time the translator gets enough right for what people say to make sense, but it gets confused by idioms and figures of speech. So you research, working to understand the complex systems and hidden rules that makes the society function....