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My name is Julia, and I recently started working here at Full Circle. I am excited to share my blog with you! Here is a little information about me:

  • I am at Community Campus to help out at the store three days a week.
  • My future plans are to work at another store using the skills I have now.
  • What I like most about Community Campus is meeting all sorts of new people.
  • I have been at Community Campus for two years now when I did the summer activities program.
  • I help out up at the front desk and I blog for Full Circle about the store and what we are selling.
  • One skill I can use is learning how to use a cash register.


For my first blog post I wanted to talk to the Community Campus students and teachers, Mary Fodell and Sue Banner to share more about Full Circle with our supporters. Here are some of their responses:

Julia: What is Community Campus?

Sue Banner: Community Campus is the two classrooms from the Grosse Pointe Public Schools that are housed at Full Circle. We wanted to include these classrooms in our other programs at Full Circle and I asked superintendent thought it was a good idea and we were given the go ahead to get these students into Full Circle, and Community Campus started!

Julia: How long has Community Campus been around?

Sue Banner: This is our 6 year!

Julia: It’s a great program, I love it!

Sue Banner: It is a great program!

Julia: How do people hear about Full Circle and Community Campus?

Sue Banner: Most hear about our programs through the school district, word of mouth and advertising outside the store.


Why are you at Community Campus?

“I am at Community Campus because it is a school for young adults with special needs.” – Sarah

I am at Community Campus to build my skills and to help me be independent.” – Yarnell

I am here to help young adults with special needs to help them achieve their goals with life skills.” – Carcelia, paraprofessional

“I am here because this is my life and I am dedicated and committed to making this successful.” – Mary Fodell


What are your future plans after Community Campus?

“I want to be a veterinarian after I graduate from Community Campus.” – Sarah

“I want to keep communications with job sites and continue singing and preaching.” – Yarnell


What do you like most about Community Campus? 

“What I like about Community Campus is that everyone treats me the same as everybody else.” – Yarnell

“What I like most is volunteering at jobs.” – Sarah

“What I like most about Community Campus is that all the staff and students are very nice and understanding.” – Carcelia

“I love the students and their generosity and they teach me how to live in the moment.” – Mary Fodell


How long have you been at Community Campus? 

“I have been at Community Campus for three years now.” – Yarnell

“I have been at Community Campus for eight years.” – Mary Fodell

“I have been at Community Campus for three years.” – Sarah


What do you do at Community Campus?

I learn how to count money and how to be proper at a job site.” – Sarah

I am a teacher’s assistant in Miss Dykstra’s classroom.” – Carcelia

“I work every day of the week and go to class every day.” – Yarnell

I do all sorts of things from greeting people to working the store to fundraising. I’m always ready to give a helping hand.” – Mary Fodell

What is one skill you can use after Community Campus?

“One skill I can use is counting money after I graduate Community Campus.” – Sarah

“One skill I can use after Community Campus is volunteering at hospitals and helping others.” – Carcelia

“I can use my writing skills after I am done at Community Campus.” – Yarnell

“One skill I can use is being patient and seeing people’s positive nature.” – Mary Fodell


This is just one of my many blogs that I will do here at Full Circle with the students and staff that work here. All of them have offered different points of view and helped me to see Full Circle and Community Campus through multiple eyes.

Thank you to everyone who helped! – Julia

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