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Hello again! Last night I attended a wonderful Christmas themed dance party with the young adults of Full Circle, and I wanted to share some highlights from the evening.

Last nights dance was planned by students in a Global Issues class at Grosse Pointe South and Grosse Pointe North High Schools. I personally think that everybody who helped make it happen did an excellent job, especially with the decorations! Even the sugar cookies placed on the table had festive holiday icing on them with burst of red and white (and trust me they tasted as good as they looked).

The real crown jewel was the decorative theme that everybody was sporting. You had masks of streaming silver and glistening gold that shined so brightly that they cast contagious smiles on everybody’s faces. The moment I put on my mask, I felt like I had completed my whole character!

We were able to dress as our favorite Disney character, or disguise yourself with a mask! I stayed in my outfit, Disney’s Mulan, for the whole evening. My friend Ryann Melville went as Snow White! I shared a wonderful dance with Nick Russel, with whom I also shared a picture with.

The pictures were honestly the highlight of my night, especially when I slipped on the floor and accidentally ran into the wall! My friends thought it was the funniest thing ever! There was a lot to do at that party, much of it involved chowing down on pizza, bread sticks, cupcakes, punch and sugar cookies. And not a candy cane was spared!

The music was awesome as well. We listened to many great songs like “What does the fox say?” and “Turn down for what!” But my personal favorites were the songs “Beat it” and “Thriller”, which were being played when I first walked into the gym. You just can’t beat the MJ classics! Everybody there got to request a special song, and we all danced the night way. A couple of us even got new nicknames that night. Mary Janke earned the nickname “Skye”, which she loved a lot, and Sue Banner got the name “Trouble Maker”. Both were fitting names, and at the end of the night we all joined in a group howl for our wolf pack, Team 26.

After the dance was over I got a ride home from Ryann (or Calypso, if you will). Looking back at these pictures today makes me realize how wonderful last night really was!


Thank you for reading! – Julia

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