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Hi, my name is Julia. Today I am sharing an interview with Full Circle students and employees about famous people and which one they would choose to meet. (Personally, I would choose Canadian born singer Shawn Mendes!) Here is what they said.


If you could meet any famous person, who would it be?

“I would like to meet Kevin Heart, the actor/comedian.” -Dwayne

“I would like to meet Ellen DeGeneres from the Ellen Show” –Laurel

“I would like to meet Adam Sandler.” –Tyler

“I would like to meet Mick the Dog from Disney Channel.”-Angel

“I would like to meet Ryan Gosling.”-Mary

“I would like to meet Katy Perry.”-Kendelai

“I would meet Ray Liotta.”-Jeff

“I would like to meet Bill Murray.”-Ryann

“I would meet Justin Bieber.”-Sarah


Why would you like to meet them?

“I want to meet him because he is funny with a good smile.”-Dwayne 

“I would like to meet her because she is very genuine and compassionate. She also loves to give to others and help other people.”-Laurel 

“He is one of the funniest actors I know on T.V.”-Tyler 

“He is the star of Dog with a Blog.”-Angel 

“He’s good looking, and he seems like a good person.”-Mary

“Because I love to see her in concerts, and I hope she will come to Michigan.”-Kendelai

“I like the movies he is in like Unlawful Entry, Good Fellas, etc.”-Jeff

“He’s a really funny guy and he’s in a lot of my favorite films.”-Ryann

“I’m in love with him and I want to meet him in person.”-Sarah


What would you talk about?

“I would talk with him about his kids, his marriage and personal life.”-Dwayne

“I would ask her about her favorite parts of the Ellen show and what her favorite thing are to do outside of work.”-Laurel

“I would ask him how he manages being an actor and a father at the same time.”-Tyler

“I would talk about the voice actor, Stephen Full. The dog can talk and he is a male dog.”-Angel

“I would ask him how he got his abs, and I would talk about The Notebook and all his other films.”-Mary

“I would talk about her songs that I like.”-Kendelai

“I would talk about how I am a fan of him and I play a video game with him as the character.”-Jeff

“I would talk to him about making a movie together. He probably would say yes.”-Ryann

“I would talk about his songs because I love how he sings.”-Sarah


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and all that these people had to say.  I would also like to thank Mary, Laurel, and all the other people who helped me out with this post. Thank you all very much! -Julia

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