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Hi, my name is Julia.  I am a professional blogger here at Full Circle, and I would like to share with you my latest post: Where would you go around the world? We had many different answers, and all of them are unique  in their own way. Here are the answers we got from Full Circle’s volunteers, employees and Community Campus’s students.


If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

“I would go to Costa Rica.”- Kathy Dykstra

“I would travel to New York.”-Kendelai

“I would go to Miami, Florida.”-Dwayne

“I would go to Seaside, Florida.”-Ryann

“I would go over the border to Canada.”-Kara

“I would want to go to Greece.”-Laurel

“I would go to Italy.”-Mary

“I would go to Florida.”-Patty


Why would you want to go there?

“I would go to Costa Rica because it’s warm and the people are very friendly, and I am interested in the animals there.”-Kathy Dykstra

“Because New York is a fashion capital and known for Broadway and it is a big city.”-Kendelai

“I would visit nice people in Miami.”-Dwayne

“Seaside has fun stuff, and I can get all the Webkinz I want there.”-Ryann

“Canada is close to home and not that different.”-Kara

“Because my grandfather came from Greece and I want to see it in person.”-Laurel

“My family is from Italy and I want to learn more about the country.”-Mary

“I would relax on the beaches of Florida.”-Patty


What would you hope to learn there?

“In Costa Rica I would hope to learn a different culture. I’d also love to try different food”-Kathy Dykstra

“I would hope to learn about more things New York is known for, I’d also learn about other states like California.”-Kendelai

“I would like to learn more about the beaches in Florida.”-Dwayne

“I would love to learn how to swim with dolphin in Seaside. I would love to go to Alison Beach and visit the aquarium.”-Ryann

“I would hope to learn interesting things in Canada like why they put milk in bags.”-Kara

“I would want to learn more about Greek culture, food and architecture.”-Laurel

“I would like to learn about Italian culture and how to cook Italian dishes.”-Mary

“I would hope to learn to clear my mind in Florida and reflect on all the blessings of my life.”-Patty


I hope you enjoyed all of the answers Full Circle gave me for this post and that you are inspired. And thank you to those who volunteered and took time out of your busy days to help me with this post by answering these questions! -Julia


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