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Hi, my name is Julia, and I decided to interview some of the students and volunteers at Full Circle about their favorite restaurants around town.  I got many different answers I was pleased with, and I might just want to go to those restaurants in the future.  Here are the answers I got from the people I interviewed.


What is your favorite restaurant?

“My favorite restaurant is Golden Corral.”-Dwayne

“My favorite restaurant is Bucci”-Patty

“My favorite restaurant is Teppanyaki Grille.”-Sarah

“My favorite restaurant is Red Lobster.”-Kendelai

“My favorite restaurant is Pasquales.”-Heather

“My favorite restaurant is Charlie’s.”-Ryann

“My favorite restaurant is Jagged Fork”-Mary


What do you order there?

“I can eat anything I like because it is a buffet.”-Dwayne

“I order eggplant parmesan.”-Patty

“I order pasta and noodles.”-Sarah

“I get shrimp linguini alfredo.”-Kendelai

“I get the chicken parmesan.”-Heather

“I get a double decker burger with bacon.”-Ryann

“I get chocolate pancakes or graham cracker French toast.”-Mary


What else do you like about it?

“It’s nice to go out to eat with my family there.”-Dwayne

“I like it because it has really good food.”-Patty

“It is very big and gets lots of customers and has lots of parties.”-Sarah

“I love the biscuits and the décor of the restaurant.”-Kendalai

“I love the food and I love the décor.”-Heather

“I like the atmosphere and they have arcade games for me to play.”-Ryann

“I like that it is small and you can watch the people in the kitchen cook.”-Mary



All of these responses really made me want to try all of the tasty dishes! I hope to do so soon and thank you to all the volunteers and students here at Full Circle and Community Campus! I hope you enjoyed reading this blog about favorite restaurants, and we all hope that you will try them soon. -Julia

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