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Red Wings
trade Gus Nyquist to the San Jose Sharks for a draft pick, Jimmy Howard long
time goalie is probable for it. Spring training began this weekend with the
Tigers playing a college team. Many people know that the Tigers won’t be that
good this year but will still be fun to watch.


Since the
Oscars were on last weekend. Quite a few soundtracks come into mind. First: The
Back To The Future soundtrack. This soundtrack is one of the best featuring
songs like: “Power of Love” by Huey Lewis & 
The News, Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry and later Michael J. Fox, and
Night Train by Louis Prima. Another soundtrack of course is the soundtrack to
one of my all time favorite movies “The Blues Brothers.” Featuring all your
favs like: She Caught the Katy, Soul Man, Who’s Making Love, Gimme Some Lovin’,
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love, Sweet Home Chicago, and many more. Last
soundtrack of course is Beauty and the Beast(original). With songs you all know
there of course and crafted by one of the greatest songwriting teams in music:
Howard Ashman/Alan Menken. One extra, the Jersey Boys soundtrack. The
soundtrack to the hit Broadway musical with yet again songs we all know and
love crafted by yet another of the greatest songwriting teams: Bob Gaudio/Bob

The Oscars
was last night. Nobody hosted for the first time in 30 years, but it was still
a fun ceremony nonetheless. The only lowlights were Javier Bardem and Maya
Rudolph’s political jokes. Loved Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance of
“Shallow” and Bette Midler doing a nice cover of a song from the Mary Poppins
sequel. What shocked me the most is that a Disney or Pixar movie didn’t win for
best animated. I was rooting for Wreck it Ralph 2 just to see Will Ferrell and
Seth MacFarlane come up on stage since they made cameos in the movie and it
would have also been MacFarlane’s return to that stage for the first time in 6
years since he was the host(best ever BTW). Also loved Adam Lambert and Queen
opening up the show and seeing Holmes and Watson in a snippet prior even though
it won the Razzie(which it shouldn’t have, should have been Toddler Titans GO!
Movie or Gotti).

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