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This week in sports, Michigan State sweeps Michigan in
Basketball to claim one of the #1 seeds throughout March Madness. It’s State’s
first #1 seed since 2000(the last time they won March Madness). Tigers are
still doing decent in Spring Training. And nothing much else except the Wings

After Sheik Yerbouti’s 40th Anniversary last
week, I still managed to listen to some great stuff like my idol Frank Sinatra
and others. But the song this week that stood out to me was the “Tiger Rag”
both by Louis Armstrong and Louis Prima. That song is just so catchy that both
versions of the song are amazing. BTW it was used in my all-time favorite
Droopy Dog short “Dixieland Droopy” from 1954.

Nothing really out yet, but I did watch one of my all-time
favorite movies Blazing Saddles on Encore this weekend. Still so amazing and
quotable. You couldn’t make this movie today as its director Mel Brooks has
said over and over again. Fun fact: All of the racist jokes were written by
Richard Pryor(who was supposed to play the Sheriff until Warner Bros. learned
about his drug addiction so they cast Cleavon Little instead).
Get well soon Alex Trebek. The whole world is in your
prayers including mine(since I’ve watched both Jeopardy and Wheel since I was

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