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Blog Questions for 3/13/19
What does St. Patrick’s Day mean to you?
How do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
Do you have any St. Patrick’s Day traditions?
Heather Chase
I get together with my family and have a nice meal. We like
to grab a drink at the bar. We also have cornmeal at St. Patrick’s Day dinner.
Sarah S.
St. Patrick’s Day includes Irish drinks and dancing for me.
I like to go to a bar and get a drink. My family makes green eggs and ham and I
wear green clothing.
St. Patrick is my namesake since my name was supposed to be
Patrick but it is instead Patricia. I like to go out and have Irish stew and
green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. My tradition is wearing green and getting
Irish food. Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle.
Author Julia A.

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