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My Experience at Full Circle
I have had
plenty of experiences here at Full Circle and Community Campus.  From working up front at the register to
chatting with the students of Community Campus, Full Circle has always offered
me one interesting type of challenge or another.  One thing I have learned to do during my time
here is working up front at the cash register, where I search up items,
calculate prices, give out receipts and change, and also bag up items.  The whole thing was pretty cool to experience
firsthand, and I thought it was all interesting.  Another thing I like to do here at Full
Circle is decorating bags.  My bags
usually have pictures and/or characters from my stories on them, which I like
to explain in detail so that everyone else can understand the meanings of my
            One other thing that has been
interesting to me about Full Circle is the weekly learning modules.  I attend class every Thursday night from 5:30
to 6:30, and our group learns interesting facts about topics such as exercise,
wants and needs, etc.  Our module is made
up of five students, all members of Team 26, a group where students ages 18-26
are allowed to participate in certain activities. I am one of those students,
and being a part of the learning module and working at Full Circle always makes
my week.  I work at Full Circle two days
a week.
            Perhaps what I enjoyed most of all
was being able to participate in Full Circle’s summer program, which is
typically eight weeks long during the summer. 
The summer program offers a variety of different activities, including
gardening, movie watching, yoga, field trips, crafts, and there is even an end
of the summer picnic where everyone can eat and socialize, and all of the
parents are usually in attendance as well. 
Everybody receives their own unique award by the end of the night, and
last year was my big year, the year I got my first award.
            Since I first attended Full Circle,
I have made many new friends that I would not have met otherwise, friends like
Lauren, Sarah, Nicholas, Jeff, Yarnell, and of course, Ryann Melville, my best
friend at Full Circle.  We hang out a lot
on the weekends.  I owe our friendship to
Camp Fowler and Full Circle because without those experiences, we’d never have
been friends.
            I hope you enjoyed this blog about
my experiences at Full Circle.  I really
enjoyed writing it.  Thank you for taking
the time to read my blog and for showing interest in my experiences here at
Full Circle.  I hope to report more in
the future!
Author: Julia A.

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