The mission of Full Circle Foundation is to support the activities that foster a sense of self worth and independence in persons with disabilities such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Intellectual Disabilities, by providing opportunities to contribute and participate productively in their community


Our vision is to provide diverse training experiences and independent living skills for persons with these disabilities in our community.  As part of our mission to foster independence, our goal is to prepare participants for employment, either in local businesses or one of the Foundation’s enterprises.


Full Circle Foundation is a fully accredited charitable organization working in conjunction with the Grosse Pointe Public School System to provide opportunities for increased independence for individuals with special needs in our community.

Our goal is to provide structured training programs where individuals with special needs can learn and practice skills that will allow them to function productively and contribute to their community. Training programs include the operation of a retail store where donated items are resold to the public. Instruction and practice in such areas as washing, drying, and ironing of donated clothing, are an integral part of our Upscale Resale Shop. Learning about and practicing food preparation, sewing, vegetable gardening, art, computer and communications skills are all available for program participants.

​We are dedicated to helping our students and interns gain valuable knowledge and practical experience to assist them in becoming increasingly more independent. It is our mission to foster a sense of greater self confidence through providing training and practice in hands-on experiences in many aspects of retail marketing and selling operations in our Upscale Resale Shop. In addition Full Circle Foundation will afford learning opportunities through a series of Micro Enterprises where necessary skills in cooking, arts and crafts, gardening, sewing, and computer operations. It will also be possible for individuals to learn skills such as researching, copywriting and photography in order to list donated items on eBay, the popular internet selling site.