2018 Evening Under the Stars Dancers:


    Patty lives in Grosse Pointe Woods and is the Full Circle Edible Garden Coordinator and does in-home health care. She became involved when her daughter Mary, who worked at Full Circle, challenged her to dance. She has loved learning her routine, and feels that no matter what kind of life you may lead, you can still have issues with acceptance. “My young adults have brought me happiness and have made me a better person for which I am truly grateful.” Patty says she is committed to giving it her all and suggests we should look out for surprises. Can’t wait to see what she and Jason have in store for us!


    Brother Tom works for the Capuchin Retreat Center in Detroit. He accepted the invitation to be a dancer, as he wanted to help the community raise awareness for people with special needs. He feels that learning about all the beauty that goes into dancing has been insightful for him and is excited to have fun in the competition. “We are called to pay attention to the rhythm of each person, for each person is unique and beautiful.” He wants you to vote for him so he can show the world the beautiful joy that comes from a Capuchin Franciscan heart!


    Joan retired from special education as a teacher for Lake Shore Public Schools. She expressed what a great time she has had working with her instructor and can’t wait for the event. When she learned about the mission of the Full Circle Foundation she felt she had to accept as she has an affinity for individuals with special needs. “If I can contribute to help them become more independent, I’m in! We all deserve the opportunity to be our own best selves.” We can’t wait to see Joan be her “best self” on the dance floor!


    Gina Lives in Grosse Pointe Woods and has worked at Edmund T. Ahee Jewelers for 13 years. She was happy to accept the invitation to dance as she had always had a place in her heart for those with special needs. While she found her lessons to be challenging and fun, it has proven to be a truly rewarding experience. She is honored to be a part of the Full Circle Gala and hopes the audience votes for her to support their mission. She feels that we all deserve to have a chance to live our best lives.


    Judy lives in Grosse Pointe Woods, and has been a member of the Board of Education for Grosse Pointe Public Schools for ten years. Aside from taking dancing lessons for this competition, she spends her days as a regional trainer at Sunrise Senior Living. She decided to get involved because she attended the 2017 Gala and loved the event. Judy loves the positive atmosphere and energy at the Arthur Murray studio and says she is learning so many new things. Being a stand up comic in her early 20s, she is no stranger to the stage, so she should be able to show us how it’s done on the dance floor!


    Paige lives in Grosse Pointe Farms with her husband who is the Superintendent of Grosse Pointe Public Schools, and works for Wayne County Community College District. In her free time, she enjoys learning how to be a Master Gardener through Michigan State University Extension. A longtime supporter of the Full Circle Foundation, Paige accepted our invitation even though this kind of dance competition is something completely new for her. She found that she learned a lot from her instructor Jim Everly and is looking forward to earning your votes.

Rehearsal Videos

Patty Allemon

Gina Ahee

Judy Gafa

Brother Tom Nugyen

Paige Niehaus

Joan McCarron