Book presentation and book signing It’s Hard Being You

Named one of 2023’s most notable books, It’s Hard Being You: A Primer on Being Happy Anyways, embraces love, loss, challenges, and triumphs. Sharon Emery struggled with the losses and limits she faced but couldn't change - no matter how hard she tried. She wrote this memoir to help guide her children on their own life journeys, stressing the amazing resilience of humans beings. Exhibit A: herself. This beautifully written memoir recounts Emery's challenges and achievements, tracing her efforts to give them meaning and find where they fit in her life. It's a process she considers vital to surviving what happens to you - telling the story. This is a reaffirming example of how it can be done. Join us in the Alger House library to share in Sharon’s experience and learn how she has overcome her own difficulties while helping others.