Four Seasons: By Marlow Wolf (Julia Ansell)

by | Nov 21, 2022

From the depths of the broken earth, everything “springs” to life
The smell of fresh lilacs fill the air with its sweet aroma
The air may be unstable and ever changing, but the spirits mean well
Flowers bloom, attracting my attention to their infectious cheer
Bringing me back to simpler times
Times whose somber calls still echo in the wind
And the cheer is what helps me through

The smell of my childhood lake still lingers in the air
The flood of emotions sets in
I can still smell the salt in the air
As I look out across said lake, I remember all the time spent there
Hoping for the safe return of said emotions
Later that night, I watch the blood red skies as the light of the lighthouse turns on
As I doze off to sleep, the light continues to shine through, giving me hope for the future

The skies are painted with splashes of pink and orange
The smell of apple crisp hits my nostrils
As I stand side by side with my family
I realize that these moments are something that can never be taken away
Walking in the dwindling heat, with the smell of bonfires
I take some well-deserved time to stop and observe the changing world around me
And before I know it, everything turns white

As I walk through the streets of a vanilla land, my mind starts to wander
It smells like an icy vengeance, trying to force its way into my system
My paws start to freeze, while my legs start to tremble
The dysphoric feelings begin creeping up on me
Never does it feel anything but uncomfortable
But even so, I need to remind myself that the sideways snow only lasts a while
And to enjoy it while it lasts…

By Marlow Wolf (Julia Ansell)

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