Students who have graduated from the Grosse Pointe Public Schools may join our internship program which provides on-the-job experience with guidance and support. The goal of this program is to bridge the gap between school and independent living by offering training during the transitional period. We strive for our interns to become happy, productive, and independent . We have several job sites supervised by our trained job coaches who provide support and guidance. In addition to our original resale shop, interns gain work experience in internet sales, commercial laundry services, food preparation, our seasonal edible garden, and other micro-enterprises.

These interns exemplify the spirit of the Full Circle mission.

Charlie Mengden

2a862dfbf8fd2c8b39744378a2293ebcCharlie came to us as a mature intern having worked successfully at the Grosse Pointe Jacobsen’s store until its closure. At Full Circle, he was known as a dedicated, hard-working employee in our edible garden job site. He also demonstrated organizational skills and attention to detail as he applied his talents to all aspects of running the resale shop. Recently, Charlie transitioned from Full Circle to become an employee of the City of Grosse Pointe Shores in the maintenance department. Although we miss him greatly here, we are proud of his achievements and wish him well in his future.

Jeff Breckels

afbf4a25780cc9f07ce597e4f5abd094Jeff is employed as our first commercial laundry attendant, successfully washing, drying, folding, and delivering as much as 200 pounds of laundry a week. Currently, we are celebrating his one-year anniversary. To date, he has one major client; other interns will soon follow in his footsteps by serving and satisfying their own clients. Jeff is a fan of local sports teams, especially The Detroit Tigers and The Red Wings.

Michael Hartman

05bc1c2fa6ae9ccc909ca506e4bbda31Michael’s technology skills have proven invaluable to our internet sales business. He researches donated items, determines their value, prices them, and posts them for sale on eBay. He then tracks the postings and prepares sold items for shipment . Michael is our resident expert in all things eBay. He was our first intern hired by Full Circle Foundation as a paid employee. Michael is extremely dependable, always focused on his tasks, and he completes them with accuracy. He clearly enjoys his work.

Amy Fodell

92a96319ecfe572a2867065253d572b9Amy has been employed in a variety of jobs. She worked in food services for the Grosse Pointe Public Schools for many years before starting her own micro-enterprises. She made and sold dog biscuits and created woolen scarves from recycled clothing. She also maintains a dog-walking business. Currently, she has been volunteering at the resale shop and will soon be employed at The Rivers, a senior residence community on Cook Road in Grosse Pointe Woods. Amy has lived independently for many years with five other women with special needs. You will often see her biking throughout the Grosse Pointes or walking clients’ dogs in the Village.

Megan Wiley

9d397a5b08ff94be5421b1ca22066eaeWhile still in high school, Megan volunteered at Full Circle in various capacities. She is especially skilled in using the cash register and working in the edible garden. Megan also has a dog-walking business. As an intern, Megan continues to volunteer in the store and garden; she is in line to become a Full Circle employee soon. Megan is known for her patience with her peers; she often engages other students in conversations through games and activities. She is consistently cheerful, friendly, and reliable. Megan currently is living independently with three other individuals with special needs.