Summer Activity Program

Having fun while learning, all summer long!

The Full Circle Foundation Summer Activity Program is a six week opportunity that encompasses community experiences, daily living skills activities and caring for the edible garden that keeps everyone busy several hours a day, four days per week. If having fun while learning, and making new friends is for you, then this is where you want to be this summer.

Check the website in April for more information about this year’s activities, or call Stephanie at 313-469-6660

Spotlight On!!

In Their Own Words

Four Seasons: By Marlow Wolf (Julia Ansell)

From the depths of the broken earth, everything “springs” to life
The smell of fresh lilacs fill the air with its sweet aroma
The air may be unstable and ever changing, but the spirits mean well

Blossoming Personalities, by Julia Ansell

Ever wonder what it would be like
If different flowers had
Different personalities?

In Kara Campbell’s Own Words…

If you’re lucky like me, you’ll find a colony of others in the same situation Life as an autistic person often feels like living on a different planet, with a universal translator still in testing. Most of the time the translator gets enough right for what people say to make sense, but it gets confused by idioms and figures of speech. So you research, working to understand the complex systems and hidden rules that makes the society function....