Team 26

Training, Education, and Advocacy Model

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Program Overview 

The Full Circle Foundation TEAM 26 Program is a membership based opportunity that offers training and education to individuals. Curriculum based learning modules offer participants valuable information in important life skills. Opportunities take place in Full Circle’s original endeavor, the Upscale Resale store, as well as other programs, which operate on site. Participants work with Support Coordinators who help identify meaningful goals, and priorities for learning.

The TEAM 26 Curriculum includes components from the James Stanfield’s Transition Curriculum, and the Health Matters curriculum.

Participants will utilize Full Circle as their personal training site where Support Coordinators assist them in developing important life skills, which will help them learn and grow to their fullest potential.

Curriculum Components

Life Management

Daily Living Skills

Personal Management

Self Advocacy & Determination

Learning Modules

Developing Independence

Culinary Skills & Nutrition Support

Interpersonal Skills

Personal Empowerment

Areas for Hands-On Practice:

• Upscale Resale

• Internet Sales

• Edible Garden

• Shredding

• Laundry Program

Support Coordinators

Support Coordinators provide:

• Observations of participant in the environment

• Prompting or guidance when necessary

• Positive & constructive feedback

• Adjusts training based on student strengths and needs

• Performance and quality of work evaluations for measurements of success

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