Beline Obeid Realty Logo“What a difference Full Circle has made in the lives of so many families in our community! It has given a wonderful work and nurturing environment for special needs young adults. This is a great resale shop because of the exceptional service, quality and prices. Wishing you continued success!”
Beline Obeid, Broker/ Owner (Summer 2014)

“Full Circle has been a great experience for our daughter. Due to her learning disability, opportunities were limited after she finished high school. However, she has great potential and is eager to learn and grow as a person. From working in the resale store to taking classes to teach her job skills, Full Circle embraces our daughter for who she is and encourages her to become who she wants to be.  No dream is too small.” -Parent (Summer 2014)


“Full Circle provides a “full” work and social experience for our daughter Lindsay, who has been involved in the resale shop since its inception. She has been trained in every facet of the store and prides herself as being a Full Circle volunteer. Lindsay beams as she explains to others what Full Circle is about, and the importance of her volunteer contributions.  As her parents, we are deeply grateful for the many opportunities that Full Circle presents for Lindsay and how it positively enriches her life on a daily basis.”
-Parent (Summer 2014)

“As a parent of a high functioning young man with autism, I am constantly disappointed and alarmed at the lack of respect that the “adult system” has for people with developmental disabilities, in terms of seeing them as people of ability. It is a huge relief to me, and a boost to my son Jonathan’s self esteem when he is treated by the people at Full Circle as an adult, not a child, and as a person with significant ability to contribute. I only see good things in the future as Full Circle is able to expand, to engage more of the community, and to open the eyes of employers to the enormous untapped potential in people like Jonathan.”
-Parent (Summer 2014)


“Volunteering has opened a whole new experience for me. I absolutely love the people I work with and I feel privileged to have gotten to know the students here at Full Circle and appreciate all that they do and will continue to do to be contributing members of our community,”
-Volunteer (Spring 2014)